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Looking to spice up your anniversary party? Sydneyphotoboothing is the answer.

I was organising events for my mom and dad’s 30th anniversary. My wife and I had a big party in mind for them, and we wanted to surprise them by scheduling a ton of different events to really make the whole thing amazing. Mom and dad had a very simple wedding, so we wanted to make sure that they had an extravagant 30th. I booked a bunch of other events, but the photo booth was the favourite event of the night by far. I asked people what their favourite activity was at the whole thing, and almost everyone said that the photo booth was their favourite activity.

The group photos turned out amazingly, and they even set up a projector that showed the group photos as they were being taken. The live slideshow of group pics really made the night that much more special, and all of the props and costumes that they brought along were really hilarious. They customised the package and offered way more than the other companies in the area that provided photo booths, and they were still 300 less than the other companies I called on average. They are a quality business, and they receive my official endorsement on this blog.

If you’re looking to put a party together and make it really fun, a photo booth is a great activity for all ages and all different types of events. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to make their next event that much more special. Get in touch with them and they’ll give you a free quote. They come out a few hours ahead of the event to get everything set up, and they also organise a replacement booth just in case the one at your party stops functioning properly. Great service all around!

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