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What are the chemicals your exterminators are using?

Most of these Chemicals are used in controllable quantities to get rid of many insects. Pest Control companies often use them for rat,bed bugs, and termite control.  We keep on discussing pest control about how should we do it, what are we supposed to do, what are the things we need to avoid, what are the things we need to prepare and bring but seriously, do we know the exact chemicals to undergo such process? No. we do not, right? However most of these chemicals are used in controllable quantities to get rid of many insects. Pest Control companies often use them for rat,bed bugs, and termite control.  So now, let us try to discuss some of the common chemicals present in infestations. Check below:

  1. Permethrin – This is a common chemical being used by veteran and licensed exterminators.  They are used to paralyze a large scale of insects. Not only that, this chemical is also safe for us humans and for our pets as well. They do not trigger allergy and asthma but this could be a threat to our aquatic resources so we needed to make sure this won’t penetrate waters with life living in it.
  2. Hydramethylnon – This chemical is for ants, termites, crickets and a lot more. This gives an agony to the insects letting them experience pain for 3-4 days but they eventually die. Unlike permethrin, this is not safe for humans and it can mostly affect our eyes and respiratory functions so we needed to handle this with care.
  3. Piperonyl Butoxide – This chemical is just an additive to permethrins. This is not a pesticide alone but if being mixed, it makes the Permethrin super effective. The mixture is so strong that could penetrate the insects quickly.
  4. Antimicrobials – This is not merely a pesticide but it kills bacteria and germs involved and presents in the in the operation.
  5. Wood preservatives – This chemical will make the wood resistant to insects, pests, and fungus.
  6. Rodenticides – This chemical is meant to kill rodents such as rats and mice.
  7. Fipronil – This chemical is actually new in the market. It can quickly kill insect quickly by 95%
  8. Boric Acid – This is some kind of a bait for cockroaches, bugs, and ants etc. There are some packages that offer this chemical in the form of a liquid but some others offer it as a powder. This is odor free and nonstaining.
  9. IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) – This can be used in indoor, outdoor and commercial inspections. This is to stop the growth of the insects and prevent infestations.

10. Cyfluthrin – This chemical can control over 50 insects. This is an aerosol for cracks and crevices and is ideal for space treatments.


Secrets of Your Pest Control Experts Revealed

In every company, there are always secrets they should not disclose to the clients for the sake of their business. There will always be things that is only exclusive for them. However, some of these secrets are being exposed to let people know the naked truth. Let’s check it further.

  1. Being clean is not an assurance against bugs attack

Even though you hired your helper to clean the floor every second, even though you instructed them to review their work every hour, even though you reprimand them every minute, as long as bugs know your home is a source of food, you will never get rid of them.

  1. Pests will never ever leave you

Almost experts say once they are done with their operation in your home, their dilemma will end but that is a big NO NO! They will visit you again and do their usual thing before you know it as soon as they have the chance.

  1. Not all exterminaters are certified

Just because they are hired by a pest control company and they are expected to do extermination, then that is not enough for them to be called “certified”. They are just called being “IT” so that a lot of clients will choose the company’s service.

  1. Pesticides Stay For Long

Exterminators say that as soon as the chemicals dry up, then there won’t be a problem with your kids, pets, and plants. However, this is not TRUE! Exterminators use strong chemicals that mean it will stay for long.

  1. Some pesticides or insecticides are not that costly

Experts will usually say that having the family provide their own pest control chemicals will cost them a lot but the truth is, those chemicals are not that costly. Experts will only want clients to buy it from them.

  1. Your service contract meant so little to the company

Before the team initiated infestation, the company will do the formal process like having you sign a contract or an agreement. However, this is just an accessory and they meant so little to them.

  1. Natural Pesticides Are still Pesticides

Indeed the raw products in making this “natural pesticides” are natural and organic, but still, it has undergone a thorough process that considers it still a “pesticide”.
Okay okay! Now, the truth is REVEALED! So have you heard these things from YOUR EXPERTS? What are your thoughts people?

How to Treat Cockroach Bites

Do cockroaches bite?

We may think cockroach do not bring serious illnesses once one gets bitten since it is not that painful. However, let us bear in mind that they live in dirty places so it is very possible that it bears illnesses and bacteria that we should avoid. It is very rare for cockroach to bite people and animals but there are cases which they really do. They will only bite victims if they are really in extreme hunger and thirst. The reason why we need to be very vigilant on this insect it is because they attack us during the night especially when we are sleeping.
Let us discuss what are the important steps we need to take if ever cockroaches bite us. Cockroach bites are usually a bit painful and bears a red color. It is also larger than a mosquito bite.Usually, cockroach bite will just go away in a few days but let us just always remind ourselves to avoid scratching it for it could result in infection and bleeding and would also lead to wounds. So let us try to treat cockroach bites in either of these steps:
1. Clean the bite with water and soap – Make sure to clean it with water and soap so that the bacteria will be washed away. If you see that the bite is sore, you can put ice on it to sooth the pain
2. Consider onion when treating a cockroach bite – You can cut a piece of onion and place it in the bite as it draws off bacteria, venom, and germs.
3. Alcohol is also recommended – You can treat cockroach bite with alcohol for alcohol treats an infection.
4. Baking Soda – Mix baking soda with water and place it in the cockroach bite for 15-20 minutes. It has a cooling effect on your bite.
5. Rub and use banana skin – Some says that rubbing banana skin gives an amazing result for curing swelling and infection.
6. Apply some ointment – There are available ointments in the drugstore that could help cure insect bites but if you want to have natural ones, you can check above.

Being able to access sources like this for cures on cockroach bites is good but it is better to avoid and be vigilant enough to stay away from insects to avoid insect bites. Let us not consider cockroach bite as a simple case since you will never know what will happen in the long run.

Ways to Free Your Home From Pests

There are just instances where we really cannot avoid having pests from living with us under one roof. Even though how hard we try in observing cleanliness and how much time we spent in cleaning every corner in our homes, still they are there. So why won’t we try to check this information and ideas below as for these will greatly help us.

Tips to Free your Home from pests

  1. Close any target entry points – If we see holes or cracks in every area in our home, let us fix it right away as it is the first reason why they can come to us. Let us seal it and make sure nothing can pass through it.
  2. Keep and cover food properly – This is the other reason why insects come to us. They search for food so let us make sure it is kept properly. Let us not just leave foods on the table. It should be inside our fridge and other containers that can store food properly
  3. Dispose and throw our wastes and garbage correctly – Everything that’s considered a trash should be disposed of correctly. It should not stay longer inside the house premises as it attracts rats, cockroaches, flies and even mosquitoes that can threat our health.
  4. Keep our houses dry – Let us not encourage ourselves to store waters kept open as it can lead to mosquitoes living in it. Having them around us could give us severe health issues and stagnant waters could also contaminate us with bacteria so let us always avoid it.
  5. Always conduct weekly general cleaning – Of course, the family is busy for the whole week going to work, sending our kids to school, comply necessary requirements and a lot more activities. With this, let us try to set time to conduct general cleaning so that dirt and germs will not stay longer and that we can always keep our environment healthy.
  6. Add Screens – Screens can help us get rid of insects as it is our ventilation. Screens can also give us fresh air and cool environment so we should consider having one if we do not have that in our homes.
  7. Clean our yard – Cleaning our yard means let us pick leaves that are falling, clean garbage that is present and cleans the unnecessary things that you see as it could be a shelter for insects and pests.
  8. Pest Control Services – Pest control services are always a excellent way to keep pests out of your house. They often provide a professional service along with keeping it safe for your family and pets. Pest Control IS the best method of keeping pests away from your house.

With these simple things, we can help our family in keeping ourselves free from pests.