How to Treat Cockroach Bites

Do cockroaches bite?

We may think cockroach do not bring serious illnesses once one gets bitten since it is not that painful. However, let us bear in mind that they live in dirty places so it is very possible that it bears illnesses and bacteria that we should avoid. It is very rare for cockroach to bite people and animals but there are cases which they really do. They will only bite victims if they are really in extreme hunger and thirst. The reason why we need to be very vigilant on this insect it is because they attack us during the night especially when we are sleeping.
Let us discuss what are the important steps we need to take if ever cockroaches bite us. Cockroach bites are usually a bit painful and bears a red color. It is also larger than a mosquito bite.Usually, cockroach bite will just go away in a few days but let us just always remind ourselves to avoid scratching it for it could result in infection and bleeding and would also lead to wounds. So let us try to treat cockroach bites in either of these steps:
1. Clean the bite with water and soap – Make sure to clean it with water and soap so that the bacteria will be washed away. If you see that the bite is sore, you can put ice on it to sooth the pain
2. Consider onion when treating a cockroach bite – You can cut a piece of onion and place it in the bite as it draws off bacteria, venom, and germs.
3. Alcohol is also recommended – You can treat cockroach bite with alcohol for alcohol treats an infection.
4. Baking Soda – Mix baking soda with water and place it in the cockroach bite for 15-20 minutes. It has a cooling effect on your bite.
5. Rub and use banana skin – Some says that rubbing banana skin gives an amazing result for curing swelling and infection.
6. Apply some ointment – There are available ointments in the drugstore that could help cure insect bites but if you want to have natural ones, you can check above.

Being able to access sources like this for cures on cockroach bites is good but it is better to avoid and be vigilant enough to stay away from insects to avoid insect bites. Let us not consider cockroach bite as a simple case since you will never know what will happen in the long run.

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