Secrets of Your Pest Control Experts Revealed

In every company, there are always secrets they should not disclose to the clients for the sake of their business. There will always be things that is only exclusive for them. However, some of these secrets are being exposed to let people know the naked truth. Let’s check it further.

  1. Being clean is not an assurance against bugs attack

Even though you hired your helper to clean the floor every second, even though you instructed them to review their work every hour, even though you reprimand them every minute, as long as bugs know your home is a source of food, you will never get rid of them.

  1. Pests will never ever leave you

Almost experts say once they are done with their operation in your home, their dilemma will end but that is a big NO NO! They will visit you again and do their usual thing before you know it as soon as they have the chance.

  1. Not all exterminaters are certified

Just because they are hired by a pest control company and they are expected to do extermination, then that is not enough for them to be called “certified”. They are just called being “IT” so that a lot of clients will choose the company’s service.

  1. Pesticides Stay For Long

Exterminators say that as soon as the chemicals dry up, then there won’t be a problem with your kids, pets, and plants. However, this is not TRUE! Exterminators use strong chemicals that mean it will stay for long.

  1. Some pesticides or insecticides are not that costly

Experts will usually say that having the family provide their own pest control chemicals will cost them a lot but the truth is, those chemicals are not that costly. Experts will only want clients to buy it from them.

  1. Your service contract meant so little to the company

Before the team initiated infestation, the company will do the formal process like having you sign a contract or an agreement. However, this is just an accessory and they meant so little to them.

  1. Natural Pesticides Are still Pesticides

Indeed the raw products in making this “natural pesticides” are natural and organic, but still, it has undergone a thorough process that considers it still a “pesticide”.
Okay okay! Now, the truth is REVEALED! So have you heard these things from YOUR EXPERTS? What are your thoughts people?

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